See my training grounds

See my training grounds

November 17th, 2016

Photos by Niels Musschoot

Come along for this training ride in pictures in the sand dunes of Oostende, Belgiƫ. Ride close to the sea, scan the waves, then dive into the plentiful single track trails that twist their way through a maze of sand, grass and trees.

It starts with preparation.

Velocio’s ES Jacket is perfect for pretty much every Belgian training day.

A little Mad Alchemy Embrocation on the lower back and legs adds a warm hug to a cold day.

Grabbing my GripGrap gloves and team issue socks and I’m out the door.

The map doesn’t do the route any justice.

This way or that way, the trails are seemingly endless fun.

Though all sand, some trails are hard-packed and others are light and fluffy, perfect for practice for the upcoming race in Koksijde.

For this post, pictures are better than words. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. Time to return home, recover, and get ready for the Koksijde World Cup.